Math Class

Math Class

Keep track of your child's grades and assignments on SIS. It is a wonderful tool in keeping up-to-date with your child's education!

Your child will have math homework almost every night. On a typical night, they should have one sheet of guided practice and one sheet of fact practice, both with the same lesson number on them. However, there are a few exceptions:

1. We complete two lessons in one day. In this case, they will have fact homework from one lesson and a guided practice sheet from the next lesson. For example, if I teach lessons 12 and 13 in one day, the homework for that night will be fact homework 12 and guided practice 13. This will happen quite a bit, especially in the beginning of the school year.

2. We take more than one day to complete a lesson. In this case, your child will only have fact practice as homework. This a rare occurance, but it does happen sometimes! I prefer not to give the guided practice homework until I feel the class has a good grip on the material. Some topics simply need more than one day to be comprehended.

3. On days where assessments are given, we usually don't have homework.

On a day where there is no homework, your child will bring home a slip that says "No homework day" with the date on it. 

Once the term ends, no late homework will be accepted for that term.

We have assessments every 5 lessons. If your child does not recieve 80% or better, the material will be reviewed with him or her and they will retake the assessment one time. Both scores will be recorded in SIS, but only the higher score will count towards your child's grade. If your child is repeatedly not achieving 80% on their original test or retake, we may consider moving them down to a slower paced class. Also, Saxon philosophy says that we want our students to gain total mastery. Students achieving 90-100% on a mastery test should be very common thing. That generally means the student has been placed in the correct level.  Please do not expect your child to "move up" because they get 100% on the first 2 assessments. The lessons get harder as the year goes on. Thank you for your support in this!