Mrs. Goepfert's Little Monkeys

Mrs. Goepfert's Little Monkeys

Welcome to First Grade!

There will be lots of information and important papers coming home the first week of school. Please make sure you check your child's red homework folder every day.

The transition from kindergarten to first grade can be a bit tough. Those extra three hours are killer! To help your child make it through the school day, please pack a snack for morning recess, a snack for afternoon recess and a regular sized lunch. On Fridays, there is no lunch, but please be sure the pack at least one snack. Full tummies make for happier first graders throughout the day.


 The book fair is being held in the gym September 15-19.

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School phone  (801) 756-9805 ext. 113                                   Kalanni Wilson (801) 772-1996

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